San Diego Data Knowledge Base

Jupyter Notebooks and Tutorials on Using Public Data

Crime Monthly Rhythm Maps

Eric Busboom , Nov 12, 2017

Rhythm maps for San Diego Crime incidents, from 2007 to 2014

San Diego Police Calls For Service

Eric Busboom , Nov 11, 2017

Maps and time ryhthms in the San Diego Police calls for service dataset

Demographics and Business Loans

Eric Busboom , Nov 25, 2017

A demonstration of how to combine FFIEC records of business loans with census data and display the data in a variety of types of maps.

American Community Survey Demonstration

Eric Busboom , Nov 17, 2017

A demonstration of how to use American Community Survey data with Metapack.

Metapack Access Example

Eric Busboom , Nov 11, 2017

Examples for opening Metapack packages from a CKAN repository